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dc.contributor.authorSchmitt, Nicolai
dc.contributor.authorSchmidt, Mareike
dc.contributor.authorMueller, Jonathan E.
dc.contributor.authorSchmidt, Lasse
dc.contributor.authorEtzold, Bastian J.M.
dc.descriptionFigure 3: Comparison of different iR-correction techniques for post-measurement processing of recorded ORR-activity data. A) Temperature evolution of the cell electrolyte during the polarization curve measurement when adding EIS and CI for post measurement determination of the iR drop. B) iR drop depending on the current density measured via EIS and CI. C) Overall polarization curves with different iR corrections. The red point shows a single point measurement, where EIS was carried out before and after the potential measurement and is used to give the standard deviation due to the temperature related change of iR drop during the measurement time of this single point. Measurements were carried out on GDEs with a Pt loading of 100 µg cm.2.de_DE
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
dc.subject.classification403-02 Technische Chemiede_DE
dc.titleFigure 3 Comparison iR correction techniquede_DE

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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