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dc.contributor.authorWeinert, Sebastian
dc.contributor.authorBär, Kristian
dc.contributor.authorSass, Ingo
dc.descriptionLarge scaled geothermal potential assessments often require geological 3D-structural models of the area of interest. For assessing petrothermal potentials of the Hessian basement, a regional scaled geological 3D-structural model of the hessian basement was created within the scope of the project Hessen 3D 2.0 (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; funding number:0325944A). The spatial confinement is defined by the scope of Hessen 3D 2.0, and therefore, the basement model is constrained within the (simplified) boarder of federal state of Hesse. Furthermore, the basement model is constrained between depths of 400 m b.g.l. and a maximum model depth of 6.000 m below sea level. The presented model of the Northern Phyllite Zone displays 5 separate modeling units: (I) metamorphic rocks of the Northern Phyllite Zone, (II) unmetamorphosed rocks of the Northern Phyllite Zone, (III) metavolcanites of the Northern Phyllite shear zone, (IV) Eppsteiner schists, (V) Lorsbacher schists. In addition, a fault zone model of major faults within the working area is provided. The presented model is built on data of the predecessor 3D model (Arndt et al. 2012), the hessian well database (Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology) but also data of geological maps such as the Geological Map of Germany (GK1000), the General Geological Map of the Federal Republic of Germany (GÜK200) as well as Geological Map of Hesse (GK25). Additionally, geological cross-sections of Klügel (1997) and Oncken (1989) as well as reprocessed seismic lines of the German continental seismic reflection program (DEKORP) were taken into consideration while building the presented geological 3D-structural model. Data provided in the repository comprise GOCAD-SKUA surfaces of fault zones, top of the basement, boundaries of each modeling unit but also boundaries such as the surface, hessian boarder or the depth boundary of 6.000 m below sea level. Each surface is also provided as common text files, storing data on x-, y-, and z-coordinates. The corresponding models of the Mid-German Crystalline High and Rhenohercynian basement are published in Weinert et al. ( and Weinert et al. (, respectively.de_DE
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
dc.subject.classification314-01 Geologie, Ingenieurgeologie, Paläontologiede_DE
dc.titleA geological 3D structural model of the Hessian Northern Phyllite Zonede_DE

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