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dc.contributor.authorHartmann, Johannes
dc.contributor.authorSchür, Maximilian
dc.contributor.authorHardt, Steffen
dc.descriptionThe files in this repository contain the data and TeX (pgfplots) files used to generate the plots in Figs. 2 – 4 and Supplementary Figs. 2 – 5 and 7 of the publication "Manipulation and Control of Droplets on Surfaces in a Homogeneous Electric Field" by Johannes Hartmann, Maximilian T. Schür, and Steffen Hardt. The data is organized in folders. The folders are named according to the numbering of the figures in the publication. Figures included in the Supplementary Information are identified with the prefix “s-”. Each folder contains the TeX file on top-level as well as the compiled PDF. The underlying experimental and numerical data (mainly text files) can be found in the subfolder “./data”. The meaning of the number series contained in the files can be derived from the designation contained in the text files in combination with the designation of the individual text files and the labeling of the corresponding plots. For Figs. 4a and 4c, the data from individual experiments from which the averaged data shown in these figures are computed are included as well.de_DE
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0
dc.subjectFluid dynamicsde_DE
dc.subjectMechanical engineeringde_DE
dc.subjectChemical engineeringde_DE
dc.subject.classification404-03 Strömungsmechanikde_DE
dc.titleManipulation and Control of Droplets on Surfaces in a Homogeneous Electric Field: Secondary Datade_DE
tud.projectDFG | SFB1194 | TP A02 Hardtde_DE

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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