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dc.contributor.authorHolzinger, Michael
dc.descriptionMaster Thesis of Michael Holzinger. The dynamic wetting process and shape evolution of a droplet impacting perpendicular on a planar, plain and super-hydrophobic substrate are investigated by means of direct numerical simulation of an immiscible and isothermal binary fluid system. A diffuse-interface phase-field method is used, where the Cahn-Hilliard equation, describing the evolution of the phase-field parameter, is coupled with the Navier Stokes system. The model parameter of the phase-field method are the capillary width, the mobility, the mixing energy parameter and the equilibrium contact angle on fluid-solid boundaries. The mixing energy parameter model will be extended in this work in order to deal with dynamic out-of-equilibrium behavior of the diffuse-interface on a local scope. 2D-axis-symmetric simulations in combination with adaptive mesh refinement will be performed, the latter allowing for an immense reduction of control volumes far from the diffuse-interface. (...) For all simulations different mixing energy parameters models are compared with each other.en_US
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0
dc.subjectphase-field methoden_US
dc.subjectdiffuse interface modelen_US
dc.subjectdroplet rebounden_US
dc.subjectdroplet wettingen_US
dc.subjectsuperhydrophobic substrateen_US
dc.subject.classification312-01 Mathematiken_US
dc.subject.classification404-03 Strömungsmechaniken_US
dc.titleDirect Numerical Simulation of dynamic droplet wetting on superhydrophobic substrates by means of a diffuse-interface phase-field method using OpenFOAMen_US

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Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0
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