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dc.contributor.authorKummer, Florian
dc.contributor.authorSmuda, Martin
dc.descriptionIn this work a solver for instationary two-phase flows on the basis of the extended Discontinuous Galerkin (extended DG/XDG) method is presented. The XDG method adapts the approximation space conformal to the position of the interface. This allows a sub-cell accurate representation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in their sharp interface formulation. The interface is described as the zero set of a signed-distance level-set function and discretized by a standard DG method. For the interface, resp. level-set, evolution an extension velocity field is used and a two-staged algorithm is presented for its construction on a narrow-band. On the cut-cells a monolithic elliptic extension velocity method is adapted and a fast-marching procedure on the neighboring cells. The spatial discretization is based on a symmetric interior penalty method and for the temporal discretization a moving interface approach is adapted. A cell agglomeration technique is utilized for handling small cut-cells and topology changes during the interface motion. The method is validated against a wide range of typical two-phase surface tension driven flow phenomena including capillary waves, an oscillating droplet and the rising bubble benchmark.en_US
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0
dc.subjecttransient two-phase flowen_US
dc.subjectsharp interface formulationen_US
dc.subjectextended/unfitted Discontinuous Galerkin methoden_US
dc.subjectmoving interface time discretizationen_US
dc.subjectcell agglomerationen_US
dc.subjectlevel-set functionen_US
dc.subjectelliptic extension velocityen_US
dc.subject.classification404-03 Strömungsmechaniken_US
dc.titleOn a marching level-set method for extended discontinuous Galerkin methods for incompressible two-phase flows: Benchmark Dataen_US
tud.projectDFG | SFB1194 | TP B06 Oberlacken_US

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0
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