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dc.contributor.authorGambaryan-Roisman, Tatiana
dc.description.abstractThe enclosed „Simultaneous_Imbibition_Evaporation.xlsx” file contains the data used to generate the plots in Figs. 5, 7-10 of the publication “Simultaneous imbibition and evaporation of liquids on grooved substrates“ by Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman. The file contains tables labeled “Fig 5 data”, “Fig 7 data”, …, “Fig 9 10 data”, in which the data are organized in columns. The labels of columns correspond to the axes labels in the figures. For the figures containing more than one curve, additional information is provided in order to establish a one-to-one correspondence between the data and the plots published in the paper. This is done by describing the line type and color as well as the data item attribute mentioned in the paper. The file contains, in addition, the plots generated from the data. These plots are labeled “Fig 5 plot”, …, “Fig 10 plot”.en
dc.titleSimultaneous imbibition and evaporation of liquids on grooved substrates: Secondary Dataen_US

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